When the wind is blowing out of the northwest, Medicine Lake (aka Club Med) in Plymouth can be a good option if you need to stay close to the Twin Cities. The best launch is at the East Medicine Lake Park near the swimming area. That being said, please be careful here because of the proximity to the swim beach. Also, you must be a skilled kiter that can stay upwind because there is little room for error at the launch and the area around it. During mid-summer, the area around launch can be quite weedy, so be mindful of it with foils and lines.

Location Details

  • Wind Directions: NW
  • Min Skill Level: Advanced
  • Region: Twin Cities
  • Coordinates: 44.9982814, -93.4033982

Conditions and Forecasts

Support Local

Need a place to replendish your fluids or stuff your face after a perfect kiting session? We would love if you could support local businesses around the kiteboard launches we frequent. Almost all of our kiteboarding locations in Minnesota are free, so let’s give back to the communities that maintain them! Plus, the locals love seeing some weirdos show up with wind-blown hair.

  • Valley Pastries

    Golden Valley, MN

    Need a quick sugar hit before a kite session, be sure to stop by Valley Pastries for something sweet that will get you started right. It is a super short drive (or bike) to Medicine Lake when the wind starts cranking!

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