The beach at Lake Waconia Regional Park can be a great intermediate location during late fall or early spring. Due to a large volume of swimmers during the summer, it is advised to not use this location during this time. When it is in season, the beach has a great wind fetch for winds with a lot of north in them. Please be aware that the water depth drops off quite quickly here, so this location is not advised for beginners. Also, be sure to use the pay box, cars are frequently checked by the bored local law enforcement.

Location Details

  • Wind Directions: N, NW
  • Min Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Region: Twin Cities
  • Coordinates: 44.855778, -93.763340

Conditions and Forecasts

Support Local

Need a place to replendish your fluids or stuff your face after a perfect kiting session? We would love if you could support local businesses around the kiteboard launches we frequent. Almost all of our kiteboarding locations in Minnesota are free, so let’s give back to the communities that maintain them! Plus, the locals love seeing some weirdos show up with wind-blown hair.

  • Floyd’s Bar

    Victoria, MN

    A great stop for some bar food and often some live music. It's common to stumble upon other kiters here.

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  • Lola’s Lakehouse

    Waconia, MN

    A bit fancier than a bar and grill, but strongly recommended if you earned a big meal. Also, it has some wonderful views of Lake Waconia.

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