When the wind is blowing mostly out of the north, many of the other Lake Mille Lacs locations don’t work very well. Luckily, there is spot on the south shore of the lake in the town of Wahkon. This is a little sandy beach that can be accessed by driving down a short dirt road. Many locals call this place “Bare Ass Beach” and you can imagine how it received that name… Be careful driving your car all the way to the beach because the sand can be quite deep! This location features some quite shallow water for about 50 yards out, but there are quite a few reeds in the area. It can be a fun game jumping over the reeds or finding channels through them. Like most locations, be extremely careful if there are swimmers present!

Location Details

  • Wind Directions: N
  • Min Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Region: Northern
  • Coordinates: 46.119320, -93.535227

Conditions and Forecasts

Support Local

Need a place to replendish your fluids or stuff your face after a perfect kiting session? We would love if you could support local businesses around the kiteboard launches we frequent. Almost all of our kiteboarding locations in Minnesota are free, so let’s give back to the communities that maintain them! Plus, the locals love seeing some weirdos show up with wind-blown hair.

  • Beckham’s Bar and Bistro

    Isle, MN

    A fun little cafe with a menu that has a bit more variety than other places in the area.

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  • Mugg’s of Mille Lacs

    Wahkon, MN

    Great bar food and a fun atmosphere with pool, darts, etc.

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